Klik v domovino: Multimedijska predstavitev kulturne dediščine slovenskih izseljencev na spletu (Slovene)

fundamental research project
Basic Info

  • Project Executive on ZRC

    Prof. Marjetka Golež Kaučič, PhD
  • Original Title

    Klik v domovino: Multimedijska predstavitev kulturne dediščine slovenskih izseljencev na spletu

  • Acronym

    Klik v domovino

  • Collaborators

    Gregor Strle, PhD, Urša Šivic, PhD, ,
  • Code


  • Duration

    since October 1, 2010 to September 30, 2012
  • Financial Source

    Slovenian Research Agency, Office for Slovenians Abroad
  • Partners

    University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science

Under construction.

The authors acknowledge the financial support from the Slovenian Research Agency.


Folkloristic and literary science

The paper draws attention to the frequent lack of cooperation between researchers in folklore and literary studies, and to some past inaccuracies, misconceptions and errors in folklore research that result from ignoring findings in folklore studies.

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Real and virtual spaces of revisiting the question "What to do with folklore?"

In 1975, the question “What to do with folklore?” very clearly expressed the position of Slovenian folklore studies of the time. It was aimed at society, which the experts deemed indifferent towards tradition. A new examination primarily asks whether

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Identificatie van repertoire van achtiende-eeuwse bellen- speelklokken op basis van automatische vergelijking / Identification of repertoire of eighteenth-century bell clocks based on automatic comparison

In the eighteenth century prosperous Dutch citizens possessed musical clocks that played melodies at fixed times of the day, using an automatic bell-playing mechanism. A major problem in researching these melodies is their identification. We analyzed

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The EthnoMuse digital library

The article discusses the construction of the EthnoMuse multimedia digital archive of Slovenian folk songs, music and dance collections. The fundamental aspects of such construction are exposed, both from the aspect of their application, i.e. in cont

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