Collections of the Institute of Ethnomusicology

  • Period of creating

    since 1934

  • Profession

    Ethnology, Folklore studies and Anthropology



The founding charter of the Institute includes among its basic functions the 'compiling of as complete as possible a collection of Slovene musical folklore'. The enriching of this archive, which as well as written records has also meant a sound archive and, in recent years, audiovisual records, has gone hand in hand with the development of recording equipment and the possibilities open to the Institute. At the same time it is the result of the Institute reaching out to other institutions.
As well as Slovene folk songs, the archive of the Institute of Ethnomusicology contains diverse records of the folk music of other nations and various documentary recordings.

Written archive
1. Manuscripts, song-books, legacies

  • OSNP: this is the manuscript collection of the Odbora za nabiranje slovenskih narodnih pesmi z napevi (Committee for the Collection of Slovene National Songs with Their Melodies) compiled by Karel Štrekelj, the editor of the Slovenske narodne pesmi collection. In 1904 the Austrian minister of culture proposed the publication of a scholarly edition of folk songs in Austria. Between 1906 and 1913 the Slovene working committee collected around 12,000 songs and melodies which are today stored in 275 files. Slovenes living in Italy and Hungary were excluded from this collection;
  • collection of manuscript records, song-books and copies of records from the National and University Library and printed sources
  • collection of the manuscript records of vaious collectors for Štrekelj's edition of Slovene National Songs and Glonar's continuation of the same
  • legacies of France Marolt, France Cigan, Radoslav Hrovatin, Valens Vodušek, Ivan Kokošar, Matevž Kračman, Oskar Dev and Stanko Vurnik, copy of the legacy of Karl Pleiweiss.

2. Transcripts of audio recordings, minutes
3. Documentation of the work of the Institute and earlier folk song collection campaigns
Sound archive
1. Recordings on wax cylinders

  • recordings from 1914 (19 partially preserved wax cylinders from Adlešiči and Preloka), the oldest audio medium in the archive

2. Recordings on gramophone records

  • (discs of various formats, including unique acetates)

3. Recordings on magnetic tape

  • field recordings on magnetic tape made from 1955 onwards;
    • this is a collection of audio recordings of folk songs and instrumental melodies, some with transcriptions, with card indexes by serial number, place of origin, theme, first verse, beginning of the melody, metre (around 29,000 songs and instrumental melodies),
  • copies of original tapes
  • audio recordings of the folk music of other South Slavic nations
  • audio recordings of the folk music of other European and non-European nations
  • other recordings

4. Recordings on cassette

  • (published cassettes and audio cassettes recorded in the field)

5. Recordings on Digital Audio Tape (DAT)

  • field recordings
  • copies of original magnetic tapes

6. Recordings on compact disc

  • published compact discs (CD)
  • copies of original recordings (CD-R)


Visual documentation

  • folklore-themed films
  • videocassettes (various formats)
  • photo library and slide library (folk singers, musicians, instruments, dances, work of the Institute)


Collection of folk instruments