Edna ftica priletejla. Ljudske pesmi iz Porabja
A bird flew in. Folk songs from the Rába Valley
Iderepült egy madár. Népdalok a Rába-vidékről

Selected by: Marija Klobčar, Urša Šivic, Peter Vendramin
Year: 2015

The audio publication ('A Bird Has Flown') with documentary recordings from Raba Valley shows the song heritage of easternmost part of Slovenian ethnic territory and supplements the CD 'Sing to Us, O Katie ' (Spejvaj nama, Katica) with recordings from Prekmurje. The CD is part of the project which serves to present the sound image of different Slovenian regions; the Raba Valley is special for its specific administrative separation from other Slovenian regions. Therefore, Raba Valley and Prekmurje maintain many characteristics also in folk song tradition. The selection of recordings comprises those made by intense filed work in Raba Valle villages in the period 1970–1972; examples of recent sound recordings from 2000 are added as well – as a reflection of modern revaluation of folk music.

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Slovenian folk songs


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