Bell Chiming
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Edited by Mojca Kovačič
afterword by Mojca Kovačič
edited and mastered by Peter Vendramin

The CD presents the folk music practice of rhythmical bell chiming in Slovenia. The selected examples represent different Slovenian regions as well as examples of bell chiming from the Slovenian minority in Italy. The variety in chiming styles and repertoire determined our selection of recordings. As a result, the CD includes examples of each chimer performing on their individual bell, one chimer chiming on multiple bells, chiming with clappers, chiming “flying tunes" and “stationary tunes" and also chiming on five or more bells. The CD booklet includes expert commentary and musical notation, as well as numerical notation of the recordings.

Table of content


1. Uvod v pritrkavanje/Introduction to Bell Chiming

2. Venček letečih viž/Medley of Flying Tunes

3. Menjajoča dva štiri/Alternating Two and Four

4. Osmica /Eight

5. Tunjiška/The One from Tunjice

6. Radecki/Radetzky

7. Škofova v tri/The Bishop’s in Three

8. Marko skače/Marko is jumping

9. Ta nova/The New One

10. Istrska/The Istrian One

11. Brez imena/No Title

12. Una/The One

13. Petka/The Five

14. Gor in dol; Ta redka; Gor in dol; Ta redka; Dva gor, dva dol/Up and Down, The Thin One;Up and Down; The Thin One; Two Up, Two Down

15. Venček/Medley

16. Sedemka mix/The Seven Mix

17. Brez imena/No Title

18. Abraham/Abraham

19. Marjetna/Margaret’s

20. Goveja/The Cow’s

21. Tri ja, ena na t’dm/Three Yes, One on T’dm

22. Dva, dva, dva z ustavljanjem/Two, Two, Two with a Pause

23. V sedem krožna/On Seven in a Circle

24. Štirica deljeno/The Four Divided

25. Dva dva; Tri dva; Ena ena; Dva dva; Tri tri/Two Two; Three Two; One One; Two Two; Three Three

26. U pet na štiri, dva pa dva/Five on Four, Two by Two

27. Šmarčan/The Šmarje One

28. Potresavka/The Shaker

29. Mejavka (Ta gosta)/The Alternating One (The Thick One)

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CD • 62 min, 17 s • booklet in Slovene and English (36 p.)


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